The Apteco Marketing Suite™

The Apteco Marketing Suite™ offers you a complete suite of modular data analysis and campaign automation tools to help you to better understand your market and deliver more profitable campaigns.
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Apteco FastStats®

Our Apteco FastStats® data visualisation and statistical tools allow you to delve into your customer and prospect data. With capabilities ranging from simple data selections to advanced customer analytics and predictive modelling, even the largest data sets can be interpreted quickly for improved insight to fine-tune your campaigns.

Apteco FastStats® provides a unique combination of speed and power for data exploration, data mining analysis and customer understanding. For extra refinement,  modules can be added for additional modelling, reporting and geographical insight functionality.

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Apteco PeopleStage

This interactive multi-channel campaign automation tool allows you to create event-driven, personalised communications. Map out entire marketing campaigns, using a multi-channel approach that includes email, social media, web analytics, online advertising, sms, mobile push, customer reviews, direct mail and contact centres.

Automate and define highly personalised marketing communications, making it easy to send the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Use live data resources to engage immediately with relevant prospects and generate reports to show key measures like ROI and open rates.

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Apteco Orbit

Apteco’s online platform, Orbit has been designed for marketers who want to create audiences, monitor their campaigns and share customer insights and campaign results in an easy to use and safe environment.

Apteco Orbit is an easy to access browser-based data platform, that can be used to create and refine audiences for campaigns, monitor activity of Apteco PeopleStage campaigns and share beautifully displayed visualisations and insights created in Apteco FastStats®. Apteco Orbit can be accessed from anywhere and from any device - desktop, tablet or smart phone.

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Apteco offers a range of database design tools which allow data professionals to build, manage and host our marketing software systems. It’s easy to gain a holistic view of your data and to create your own specialist marketing tools.

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The transfer of data to and from other business applications needs to be as seamless and simple as possible. The Apteco Marketing Suite integrates with email service providers, CRM solutions, social media, SMS, contact centres, direct mail, mobile push, customer review websites and web analytics solutions.

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How is the Apteco Marketing Suite so powerful and so fast? If you work in IT and are ready to implement the Apteco Marketing Suite, learn about the robust, resilient and secure technology behind the software, and how it fits into your existing IT infrastructure.

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