Segmentation / targeting

Your business needs to find a competitive advantage as markets become more crowded. Customer segmentation software provides visual tools that will help you to split your marketing database according to any demographic, allowing you to target campaign messages that are much more likely to result in sales.



Apteco FastStats® and the integrated FastStats Modelling module will allow your business to:

  • Segment customer and prospect data using powerful but easy-to-use data selection and cross-tabulation tools.
  • Create highly targeted segments using drag-and-drop tools, direct from data visualisations and charts.
  • Export targeted data selections directly from the Apteco FastStats® system for immediate use.
  • Use Step-by-step wizards to make the process of transferring data to your digital broadcast platform simple and efficient.
  • Use standard segmentation tools - including selections, cubes, trees, charts, Venn diagrams, word clouds and data grids - to get the information you need.
  • Develop and save analysis workbooks that can be used to create reports to be distributed to colleagues.

"Apteco has a great team and suite of products: Apteco FastStats® in particular allows us to analyse our data with great ease to provide powerful insights. We've been using it since 2000 and there is no other product out there that compares."

Joseph Nathan, Director Research and Customer Insight at The Economist Group

Next Steps

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