Apteco’s suite of marketing data analysis and campaign automation software has helped businesses in the UK and worldwide to understand their customers better. These tools will help you increase revenue and demonstrate a marked improvement in ROI.

marketing management solutions

Apteco FastStats® and Apteco PeopleStage

Apteco’s core marketing software solutions – Apteco FastStats® and Apteco PeopleStage – help you to:

  • Analyse and visualise your customer data to gain new insights.
  • Deliver better performing campaigns that will help your business develop an edge over competitors.
  • Clearly demonstrate campaign ROI, using response reporting.


Apteco analysis and automation solutions:

  • Give fast, easy access to your customer and prospect data.
  • Offer enhanced levels of campaign automation.
  • Are cost-effective and quick to implement.

"...Clusters segmentation (using Apteco FastStats®) was expanded for the summer campaign and delivered staggering results. The campaign allowed more supporters to be included with a greater execution of personalisation and messaging based on the segment profile. In doing so, they delivered results of an increase of 53.5% in responders on the previous year, which equated to a £285,756 increase in donations, a 9.28% response rate and a slight increase of 2.2% on average gift value."

Lee Gisbourne, Database Analysis Manager at RNLI, discussing the RNLI summer campaign

Next Steps

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